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Window Shop with Car and Driver


Window Shop with Car and Driver

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Window Shop with Car and Driver

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Bad car names come in all kinds of stupid. Toyota’s bZ4X is named after gobbledygook, all those Infiniti vehicles have the letter Q in their names for no apparent reason, and both Edsel and Chevrolet have built ill-fated cars called Citations. Some good cars have bad names, and some bad cars make bad names. For example, there will be no more Cadillac Cimarron. While Cimarron is objectively a better name than CT-this or XT-that, the car itself sucks.

This episode Car and Driver the ongoing Window Shop soap opera looking for the worst car name ever. Names that evoke images of extravagant lifestyles, bad luck or, even, fascism. Window Shop is moving forward—unpredictably for sure—in bringing the world of addle-minded automotive call-based Zoom.

Conspicuously missing from this edition is Jonathon Ramsey, who seems willing to stake his title of “favorite contributor” with C/D. But senior editor Elana Scherr is on board again and, yes, she’s bringing a Mopar. Also in attendance are executive editor prodigy KC Colwell, slightly less senior senior editor Joey Capparella, aging Road & Track maven John Pearley Huffman and, naturally, the Leader of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo, Tony Quiroga.

Which bad name is the deepest? Watch and find out. Then join us once again in the foggy, uncertain and random future for the next episode.

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John Pearley Huffman has been writing about cars since 1990 and getting better at it. Besides Car and DriverHis work has appeared in New York Times and more than 100 automotive publications and websites. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara, he still lives near the campus with his wife and two children. He owns a pair of Toyota Tundras and two Siberian huskies. He used to have a Nova and a Camaro.

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