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What is this mysterious MX-5 concept Mazda is about to reveal?


What is this mysterious MX-5 concept Mazda is about to reveal?

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What is this mysterious MX-5 concept Mazda is about to reveal?

Mazda has previewed its upcoming Japan Mobility Show stand, which will be on display from October 28.

The company says its exhibition will be based around the theme of “The future created by the ‘love of cars”, which has been designed to showcase Mazda’s ongoing commitment to the creation of products that “satisfy customers’ love of driving and cars”.

As such, the iconic MX-5 sports car will be the focal point of Mazda’s stand, with a variety of models past, present and future confirmed for the Tokyo-based event.

Mazda will have a first-generation MX-5 on show; a two-thirds scale MX-5 that provides “a simulated driving experience for visiting children”; the latest 2024 Mazda MX-5 which was detailed last week; as well as the MX-5 SeDV concept, which “can be controlled using only the driver’s hands”.

SeDV stands for “Self-empowerment Driving Vehicle” – whatever that means. The concept vehicle is claimed to “symbolise the exhibit theme” and will be unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show, with Mazda revealing a single teaser image.

It’s unclear whether the futuristic MX-5 concept will preview a future model, though given Mazda’s theme for the event and focus on the MX-5 nameplate, it could be a glimpse into the Japanese brand’s future plans for the iconic sports car nameplate.

Beyond the MX-5-centric display, Mazda has also confirmed it will show its Mazda 2 Bio Concept in the motorsport area, which is said to be fuelled by “the next-generation bio diesel”.

Mazda says it will “continue to pursue the ‘Joy of Driving’ under its core value, “Human Centric”, and aim to deliver ‘Joy of Living’ by creating moving experiences in customers’ daily lives”.

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