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The CarExpert Podcast is getting a makeover


The CarExpert Podcast is getting a makeover

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The CarExpert Podcast is getting a makeover

After almost 150 episodes, the CarExpert Podcast getting an update.

Launching in the coming weeks, the new Podcast will be available as an audio stream through your favorite podcast provider as it currently is – but it will also be published on YouTube for the first time.

As with any good automotive update, we’re not ditching the old format entirely. Instead, we’ve taken the parts we know people like and refined them, and thrown out some things that the average listener doesn’t like – call it the Porsche 911 approach.

This means you’ll still get the latest news, reviews and opinions about the world of motoring. And where most facelifts come with price hikes in the motoring world, the CarExpert Podcast is still free…

With this change, Mandy Turner will leave Car Expert team for now. We would like to thank Mandy for her audio expertise, professional presenting voice and unwavering enthusiasm.

If you ever see a beige Beetle on the streets of Melbourne, be sure to check if it’s him. If you see one parked on the side of the road with oil spilled, chances are it is for sure he.

Where to find the CarExpert Podcast

You can search Car Expert Podcast on your favorite podcast platform. If in doubt, just click on the RSS feed below, or follow the link to the Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts app to subscribe.

It will also be live on our YouTube channel soon. If you haven’t already, subscribe to get everything latest new car reviews.

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