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Take cover! Freak storm sees drivers negotiate ‘rivers of hail’


Take cover! Freak storm sees drivers negotiate ‘rivers of hail’

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Take cover! Freak storm sees drivers negotiate 'rivers of hail'

The panel beaters in Las Vegas, New Mexico are going to be busy.

A storm that hit the US state of New Mexico earlier this month caused rain and a large downpour of hail to blanket the region, including the small city of Las Vegas (no, not that one), which is east of Santa Fe.

In what initially appears to be snow, the downpour was so severe that “rivers of hail” flooded the streets.

KRQE chief meteorlogist Grant Tosterud uploaded an 18-second video to X (formerly Twitter), originally from a person named Dorothea Delgado, who appears to be a passenger in a car that was driving through the melting deluge of hail.

Throughout the video the person filming proclaims a number of times that “it’s flooding”, with vehicles driving through what appears to be at least 10cm or more of melted hail that’s run to the side of the road.

The driver of the car slows down at one point and gets pelted by hailstones flicked up by a GMC Envoy XUV and a Saturn Vue (rebadged Holden Captiva) that undertake it on the flooded side.

Despite this footage of drivers driving through the hail, local news outlet KOAT 7 reported there was “no major damage” as a result of the storm.

What would you do if you were caught driving in a hail storm like this? Let us know in the comments below

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