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Range Rover Velar recalled | CarExpert


Range Rover Velar recalled | CarExpert

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Range Rover Velar recalled | CarExpert

The Australian Government department responsible for vehicle recalls has published a notice for 116 examples of the 2022-2023 Land Rover Range Rover Velar due to an issue with the vehicle’s tilt sensor.

CarExpert has confirmed this recall doesn’t affect any Australian customers.

A spokesperson from Land Rover Australia told CarExpert this recall only applies to MY24 models delivered to Australia.

“The software update for the 24MY Range Rover Velars will be installed prior to clients taking delivery, therefore it will not cause any inconvenience,” said the spokesperson.

“Due to a configuration setting issue, the vehicle’s tilt sensor that detects any change to the vehicle angle relative to the ground may not activate as intended,” the recall notice reads.

“A loss of tilt alarm notifications increases the risk of an accident causing injury or death to vehicle occupants.

“Customers are advised to be extra vigilant when leaving their vehicles unattended and park in secure or well-lit areas wherever possible until this recall is completed.”

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can contact Land Rover customer assistance on 1800 625 642.

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