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Nissan SUV wiggles through 3000-year old tree


Nissan SUV wiggles through 3000-year old tree

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Nissan SUV wiggles through 3000-year old tree

Ever tried to fit in where you didn’t fit in? Drivers of this Nissan Armada in the US have been.

A video posted to TikTok shows the driver of a full-size SUV – the North American version of the Patrol – trying to drive through a tree that is more than 3000 years old.

The Avenue of the Giants is a popular tourist destination in northern California, and there are three redwood trees you can drive through – provided your vehicle isn’t too big and you have the skills to avoid scraping the sides.

The Shrine tree opening is 2.1m wide, so Armada – only 2m wide – should be able to fit in without any damage.

The video shows the driver swerving the large SUV from side to side to avoid hitting the inside of a tree, but failed.

The fleet appeared with a damaged side mirror but otherwise appeared to be unaffected.

Apparently the success of passing the tree warranted a mild celebration, with the driver throwing his hands in the air and clapping.

A commenter on the post suggested the vehicle might be a rental. If that happens, the driver will have some explaining to do at the rental counter.

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