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Melbourne’s worst roads and intersections revealed


Melbourne’s worst roads and intersections revealed

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Melbourne's worst roads and intersections revealed

A new survey has lifted the lid on Melbourne motorists’ most hated roads.

The Royal Victorian Automobile Club (RACV) surveyed 5000 drivers to find out about roads, intersections and general trends about them – from complex intersections to fast and aggressive drivers.

Roads with safety concerns

  1. Mount Alexander Road (Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale) – “Some roundabouts are confusing, dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross and lack safe cycling infrastructure.”
  2. Dandenong Rd (Windsor, Prahran, Caulfield) – “Inadequate pedestrian crossings for school children, inappropriate clearway times make merging risky and sudden drops in speed not well observed.”
  3. Sydney Rd (Brunswick, Coburg) – “Unsafe interactions between drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and trams.”
  4. North Street (McKinnon, Oakleigh, Clayton) – “Inconsistency of speed zones, unsafe driving and disconnected cycle paths.”
  5. Calder Fwy (Keilor Park, Keilor, Taylors Lakes) – “Unsafe driving, with heavy congestion encouraging risk-taking behaviour.”
  6. Clyde Rd/Berwick – Cranbourne Rd (Berwick, Clyde) – “Unsafe driving, with heavy congestion encouraging risk-taking behaviour. Inadequate separation of cyclists.”
  7. Point Cook Rd (Point Cook, Seabrook) – “Unsafe driving, with heavy congestion driving risk-taking behaviour. Inadequate separation of cyclists.”
  8. St Kilda Road (Melbourne) – “Drivers and cyclists have experienced confusion since the improvement of cycling infrastructure. Further awareness and education is needed to reduce this perception issue.”
  9. Barkly St/Hopkins St (Footscray) – “Inadequate or non-existent cycle infrastructure, narrow footpaths and heavy trucks mixing with cyclists.”
  10. West Fwy (Melton, Rockbank) – “Two lanes are insufficient to service major growth areas/lack of sufficient merging lanes and overall road quality is inadequate for demand.”

Intersection with security concerns

  1. Mount Alexander Rd/Keilor Rd (Essendon) – “A nightmare intersection. Even the locals struggle with all the twists and turns, not to mention drivers who are unfamiliar with the area.”
  2. Princes Fwy/Geelong Rd Exit (Werribee) – “Cars coming out of the highway to the west have to queue for kilometers in the emergency lane to get out here. It’s very unsafe with trucks going over 100km per hour.”
  3. Wellington Rd/Dorning Rd (Narre Warren East) – “The corner of Wellington Road and Dorning Road is unsafe due to low visibility bends and a 100km/h speed limit and no turning lane to the childcare centre.”
  4. Bay St/Liardet Rd (Port Melbourne) – “This intersection is the most hated intersection in Port Melbourne. Although the data only shows reported collisions, incidents occur almost daily for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. It really needs a better solution.”
  5. Twickenham Cr/Loyola Gr (Richmond) – “Roundabout at Twickenham and Loyola. Almost miss every time I use a circle.”
  6. Flemington Rd/Racecourse Rd (North Melbourne) – “One right turn lane (towards Tulla) here is not enough. It causes a lot of traffic and congestion, causing frustration and people changing lanes etc.
  7. Point Cook Rd/Sneydes Rd (Point Cook) – “There are accidents or near misses at this corner every week without fail. Why do we wait for death before any action is taken. Lights are needed ASAP and red light cameras at that time.
  8. Flemington Rd/Royal Parade (North Melbourne) – “This roundabout often confuses drivers, which is reinforced by the fact it also has a tram route through it and it is used by people unfamiliar with the area (as it is right next to the Royal Melbourne Hospital).”
  9. Lorimer St/Wurundjeri Way (Docklands) – “Cars in lane 2 traveling on Montague Street towards the city always move to lane 1 due to poor lane markings. I go through this intersection every day and I see cars doing this every day.”
  10. Williamstown Road/Beacon Road (Port Melbourne) – “The safety of children is a serious concern here with 100’s of children crossing to use the sports area. There are no parking facilities in this area, so everyone crosses this 60km long busy road. It really needs traffic lights/pedestrian crossings or level crossings.”

So far in Victoria, road tolls stand at 153. That’s an increase of 28.6 per cent on the same period in 2022, and is the highest since 2019.

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