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Hardcore Ford Mustang Dark Horse R teased


Hardcore Ford Mustang Dark Horse R teased

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Hardcore Ford Mustang Dark Horse R teased

Ford Performance will reveal a tougher version of the seventh generation Mustangs carriages for track use only later this month.

Initially teased as one of the racing versions of the new September 2022 Ford Mustang, Black Horse R has been teased again on Threads ahead of its July 27th reveal.

The track-only Ford Mustang Dark Horse R will be powered by a road model version 5.0 liter Coyote V8 engine.

It’s unclear how much power and torque the Mustang Dark Horse R will produce at this stage, but the US-spec Dark Horse produces 373kW and 567Nm.

Ford has previously announced there will be two dedicated, track-only Mustang Dark Horses. The yet-to-be-revealed Ford Mustang Dark Horse S is “designed for weekend track day enthusiasts” and the Mustang Dark Horse R has been “developed for racing”.

The Mustang Dark Horse R, like the Dark Horse S, will remove all non-essential parts and pieces.

Inside there will be a full FIA-certified roll cage, safety net, racing seats with seat belts, quick-release racing steering wheel, electric cut-out and fire prevention system. The passenger seat is optional.

Driver controls will be contained in the center panel housing switches and knobs for headlights, indicators, window wipers, mirror adjusters and light rails.

On the outside the Mustang Dark Horse R will have bonnet pins, front and rear tow hooks, an adjustable rear wing and a full exhaust system.

The Mustang Dark Horse R will also have Multimatic DSSV dampers that support ride height and camber adjustments, strategic seam welding, fuel cells, and Ford Performance wheels.

“Both the Dark Horse S and R have been further enhanced for performance and removed almost every unnecessary comfort, keeping only what is needed to provide better performance,” said Ford Mustang nameplate chief engineer Ed Krenz.

The reveal of the Mustang Dark Horse R will follow shortly after the new Mustang GT4. Ford has also revealed GT3, and Supercar versions of the new generation Mustang.

As previously reported, Ford Australia has confirmed the launch of the next-generation Mustang for the first quarter of 2024.

“Production of the Mustang to Australia is expected to begin later this year,” a Ford Australia spokesperson confirmed Car Expert.

“Due to significant delivery times between the factories in Flat Rock, Michigan and Australia, we expect the first arrival in Q1, 2024.”

Online forum member Mustang 7G has posted a photo of Ford Australia’s confidential bulletin outlining the latest timings for the new Mustang.

The document says prices and specifications will be released by the end of June, with dealers to be notified of their allocations at the same time.

No local pricing or specifications for the next-generation Mustang have been released.

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