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Drone spies 2024 Tesla Model 3’s updated interior


Drone spies 2024 Tesla Model 3’s updated interior

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Drone spies 2024 Tesla Model 3's updated interior

Tesla has been spied testing the upcoming facelift Model 3with drone footage capturing updated interior highlights.

YouTube video posted by Caliber 197 of the camouflaged Model 3 shows changes to the interior that mirror the Model X and Model S, both of which were recently discontinued from Australia.

It looks like the steering wheel will use a new lower spoke design, similar to the one found on the Tesla Semi. Tesla also appears to have released a transmission shifter mounted behind the steering wheel.

Drivers who tested the upcoming model apparently used the center display screen to shift the vehicle from park to reverse. This feature appears in the Model S and Model X.

Another change that Tesla may be looking to include in the upcoming Model 3 is an indicator and wiper that can be accessed via the central touchscreen display.

In the Model S and Model X, this can also be adjusted via a control on their steering wheel yoke.

A photo was leaked earlier of what looks like the Tesla Model 3 in China. It shows an updated headlight design similar to the Model S.

Chinese outlet Yicai Tesla China reports deny the updated Model 3 will enter mass production in Shanghai on June 1, but the company has not confirmed when it will enter production.

According to a Twitter post according to account Teslascope, Tesla may also move away from its current seat design. However, based on the drone footage it’s too hard to tell.

Not the Tesla App reports the Model 3 will feature one camera in the center of its front bumper as well as two new cameras, one on each side of the vehicle.

This will reportedly be a five-megapixel camera with an anti-glare coating, better than the 1.2-megapixel unit in current cars. The updated model will also reportedly upgrade from a Hardware 3 supercomputer to a Hardware 4.

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