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Corvette Stingray gets beached in embarrassing blunder


Corvette Stingray gets beached in embarrassing blunder

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Corvette Stingray gets beached in embarrassing blunder

In a list of the best vehicles to take for a drive along the beach, the Chevrolet C8 Corvette would probably sit somewhere near the bottom.

Nevertheless, one Corvette owner in Pismo Beach did just that and unsurprisingly got stuck.

A video shared on Instagram by Corvetteclub_ shows the Corvette – appropriately enough, painted in Riptide Blue –bogged on the sand.

The driver of the rear-wheel drive sports car can be seen attempting to reverse out of the sand while 10 bystanders are helping push the car out of the ditch.

Based on the amount of people helping and how much commotion was caused, the vehicle was more than likely stuck for a while before the video was captured.

The waves in the background can be seen brushing up onto the vehicle, and everyone knows how bad salt water and sand can be for a car if left untreated.

In case you were considering taking your Corvette onto the beach, use this as your reminder to think again.

Pismo Beach is popular among 4WD and quad bike owners and motocross riders, with sand dunes and sand tracks allowing for off-roading. Just don’t take your Corvette.

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