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Bentley Honors W-12 Engine with Speed Edition 12 Models


Bentley Honors W-12 Engine with Speed Edition 12 Models

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Bentley Honors W-12 Engine with Speed Edition 12 Models

  • The 12 Speed ​​Edition celebrates Bentley’s W-12 engine and will be offered on the Bentayga, Continental GT, and Flying Spur.
  • The special edition features Opalite paint, silver brake calipers, and a W-12 firing order etched into the dashboard.
  • Only 120 units of the Speed ​​12 will be built for each model line.

An Electric Bentley is a near certainty, with the British luxury brand promising five EVs by 2030 and the first arriving in 2025. But before the electron-powered brigade arrives, Bentley is celebrating its internal combustion heritage with the new Speed ​​​​Edition 12 model. These limited-production versions of the Bentayga, Continental GT, and Flying Spur pay homage to the W-12 motor that has been at the heart of most of the brand’s luxury cruisers since 2003 before the engine’s production line shut down the following April. year.

Using the more powerful Speed ​​model as a starting point, the Edition 12 adds silver brake calipers—unique to this special edition—and rides on 22-inch black wheels, finished in black and a new pale green paint color called Opalite. Edition 12 badging is ubiquitous, appearing on the front fenders of the Continental GT and the rear pillars of the Flying Spur and Bentayga, along with illuminated logos on the door sills and welcome lights projected onto the ground. Popping the hood reveals a special engine plaque adorning the 12-cylinder motor.

Many other Edition 12 logos appear inside the cabin, where the firing sequence for the W-12 engine is also etched into the gloss black dashboard. The main Beluga black upholstery can be paired with Brunel blue, Cricketball red, Linen or Orange accents, and the special seats are embroidered with nameplates and contrast stitched quilting. The same look appears on the door panels, while the air vent adjusters also feature the number 12.

Only 120 Speed ​​Edition 12s will be built for each model line, and owners will also receive a 15 percent aluminum scale model of the Bentley W-12 engine block. Bentley didn’t specify the extra cost of the Edition 12 over the standard Speed ​​model, but if you had to ask, you might find yourself escorted out of a Bentley dealership by security.

The Bentayga Speed ​​will set you back at least $267,325, the Speed ​​Continental GT starts at $291,225, and the Speed ​​Flying Spur opens at $261,425.

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