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2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup Just Got More Expensive


2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup Just Got More Expensive

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The Ford Maverick is no longer equipped with a standard hybrid powertrain. Ford announced Wednesday that the 2.0-liter EcoBoost will replace it as the base engine, with the hybrid now commanding a $1500 premium, according to Ford Authority.

That’s a huge loss on paper, although in the real world, you’re unlikely to find a base Maverick hybrid without at least a $1500 markup. The move to make hybrids an extra-cost option should help with the supply issue, as demand for the 40-mpg-plus compact pickup is stronger than Ford expected. Realistically, it also helps to catch some additional markers that the trader has used and put them in the Blue Oval account.

As Ford confirmed to The Drive, the Maverick’s base price of $24,995 with destination charges remains. That will only be the 2.0 liter turbo model. If you want the 2.5-liter hybrid, you’ll need to spend at least $26,495. If you’re looking to order a 2023 Maverick, that’s too bad, because the pickup is sold out for this model year. We expect bookings for the 2024 Maverick to open soon. Act fast when they do, because last time they sold out quickly.

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